Meet Our Female Miniature Australian Shepherds

All dogs in the breeding program are trained, genetically tested, and all vaccines are up to date.

Topaz Ayla


Stands: 16 inches
Weighs: 30 lbs.

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Ayla is a Blue-eyed, Blue Merle who I like to call my #1. The Perfect dog (for me) who is my constant side-kick, a true working dog with High drive. She is very athletic, fantastic temperament and fun personality, and a CRAZY frisbee dog.

PRA Carrier

Sweet Sangria

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Stands: 15 inches
Weighs: 32 lbs.

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Sweetie is a Black-Tri with one brown eye and one split brown/blue eye that throws some fabulous mixed eye color in her pups. Low drive dog with a sweet personality.

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Little Miss Cricket


Stands: 14 inches
Weighs: 20 lbs.

Cricket is a Blue-eyed, Blue Merle has a fantastic temperament and is the smallest of my pack, loves the water and herding everyone in the pack, she is fast and spunky.

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Piper @North Idaho


Stands: 16 inches
Weighs: 27 lbs.

Daughter of Sweetie and Aeros

Piper is a Red-Tri with one Amber eye and one Blue. Very athletic and out going with lots of energy.

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Blue Magic


Stands: 15 inches
Weighs: 25 lbs.

Magic is another Blue-eyed, Blue Merle with some Fabulous Dark Copper Points. Incredible Fun Loving Personality with Medium/Low Drive. Recently added to the pack.

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