Take a Look at our North Idaho Mini Aussie Sires

All dogs in the breeding program are trained, genetically tested, and all vaccines are up to date.



Stands:  17 inches
Weighs:  35 lbs

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Aeros is a Fabulous Red-Tri Stud with Amber colored eyes and has a Wonderful disposition, Medium Drive, as well as athleticism. This guy is Cool as a Cucumber in all situations and Loves to play Frisbee.

MDR1 Carrier


The Rifleman

Rifle HeadPic

Stands:   15 inches
Weighs:  35 lbs

Rifle BodyPic

This handsome Blue-eyed, Blue Merle stud is very Majestic in his look, as well as his movement. He is low-drive and his offspring are doing very well in the show ring.

PRA Carrier

Thank you Kathie Ivie for trusting us with this amazing boy!